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Covid 19: the response of voluntary sector bereavement services

The effects of bereavement on families, friends and colleagues are the inevitable and painful legacy of deaths during the COVID-19 outbreak. Social distancing measures, while reducing the number of deaths to COVID-19, have affected all bereavements through any cause at this time, by thwarting families’ opportunities to spend time with dying loved ones, disrupting funerals, […]

Keeping in touch when someone is seriously ill

In this difficult time of coronavirus, we are all restricted from getting together with family and friends in the way we would like. This is particularly painful when someone important to us is so seriously ill that they might die, and we can’t be physically near them. Even though they are surrounded by people who […]

Manifesto for better bereavement support

Over 500,000 people die each year in England, leaving bereaved family and friends to cope with the aftermath of loss. Some are shocked by a sudden and unexpected death, some are exhausted by the strain of caring for someone at the end of their life, all are faced with adjusting to a future without the […]

Choosing and using assessment and evaluation tools in bereavement services

The use of assessment and evaluation tools, including outcome measures, is critical to developing bereavement services and checking what difference bereavement care is making. This Guide provides information to help service managers and practitioners choose appropriate assessment and evaluation tools, along with recommendations on best practice for their use. The Guide has been produced by […]