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If you are looking for support for yourself or someone else around a bereavement, it can feel overwhelming to find your way to the help you need. This page includes links to a guide to help you understand the types of support available, and websites that can signpost you to support.

Understanding the support on offer

Everybody’s experience of grief is different and people have different needs and preferences for support to help them cope. The Grief Support Guide is designed to help people find support that meets their individual needs. It provides information on the variety of bereavement support that is available in the UK, from self-help resources and helplines to peer support groups and grief counselling. The Guide also includes details of support for specific groups of bereaved people, such as widow(er)s, children, cultural and faith groups and people bereaved by particular types of death.

Click here to download the Guide, which you are welcome to print and distribute for yourself or someone who might need it.

The Guide is also available in Bengali, Chinese, French, Gujarati, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Welsh. Click here for translations.

To share the Guide, you can download shareable posters and images here.

We would really like to hear your views on this first version of the Guide, which will help us to improve later versions. Please consider taking part in this short 5 minute survey to provide us with your feedback.

Directories of support organisations

AtaLoss.org is the UK’s signposting website for the bereaved. It provides a comprehensive and searchable directory of bereavement services from around the UK, a library of helpful resources and up to date information to enable the bereaved to easily find support in one place wherever they live and whatever their loss. It also hosts a free live chat counselling service available 9am-9pm Monday to Friday.

The Good Grief Trust is the UK’s largest bereavement support network, bringing 900+ charities, and services together under one umbrella.  The charity exists to ensure those grieving under any circumstance, have access to a choice of tailored services from day one, both online and via The Good Grief condolence and signposting card. 

The Good Grief Trust has created a vast community connecting across social media, on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, helping and supporting each other online and are Secretariat to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Bereavement Support, working with Government to influence change and improvements to bereavement care.  The National Grief Awareness Week campaign, created by the charity, runs between the 2nd -8th of December, to raise awareness of the impact of grief and loss on a national platform.