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If you are looking for support for yourself or someone else around a bereavement, please try one of the websites below to find help.

For information about support during the Covid-19 outbreak,

Directories of support organisations

During the Covid-19 outbreak, many bereavement services are having to work in a different way. Things may have changed since they were listed on the directories below, so do check exactly what they can offer at the moment.

AtaLoss.org is the UK’s signposting website for the bereaved. It provides a comprehensive and searchable directory of bereavement services from around the UK, a library of helpful resources and up to date information to enable the bereaved to easily find support in one place wherever they live and whatever their loss. It also hosts a free live chat counselling service available 9am-9pm Monday to Friday.

The Good Grief Trust aims to help people find useful information, advice and encouraging stories from others to help in the most difficult of times and to make the future that bit brighter.