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Do you have an example to share of good practice in supporting carers before and after a death? If so, we would like to hear from you.

The death of someone close brings huge changes and challenges. For those who were caring for the person before they died, life can change immeasurably.

We are working with NHS England to understand more about how support is – and could be – provided to carers before and after they are bereaved.

We are looking for examples of good practice in supporting carers before and after bereavement. We want to share these examples widely to inspire local areas to adopt good practice that has worked well elsewhere.

If your organisation has a practice example to share, please send it in for consideration using our online form. If selected, your example could feature on our website and in national presentations. We are also really interested to hear about ideas you’d like to develop, as well as projects already underway, and about your views more generally on support for carers before and after a death.

If you are not sure whether your practice example fits the call, please email Alison Penny for an initial discussion.